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The Tony Stiles Show is a politically unbiased, revealing and provocative experience. No propaganda, no narrow-mindedness, and absolutely no apologies! A staunch defender of freedom and accountability, Tony provides a unique outlook on and solutions to national and global political issues.

While most talk radio shows tend to dwell in the past, The Tony Stiles Show boldly paves the way for a new generation of talk listeners - both young and old.


Already at age 32, Tony Stiles is a well-established award winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, and political commentator. His audience has been named "Mohawk Nation" due to the Mohawk hairstyle he wears for his charity cause, St. Jude's Children's Cancer Research.

Stiles is also the host of 'The Stiles Initiative' a political round table internet television program on Next News Network.  He is an alumnus of The King's College in New York City, a former Baptist missionary to Romania, and Founder and Chairman of Stiles Industries, a venture capital firm in Omaha, Nebraska.

Stiles is a dominant figure in the liberty movement in America as well as Europe. He is set to appear in the film titled A Long Way Off due in theatres autumn 2013.


Tony Stiles


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